Killing The Human Spirit


I was at work the day after a holiday and everyone was dragging around, just not excited to be at work. I wasn’t in a good mood either, I had an extra day to live life, to be free and then reality didn’t hit just me, but everyone at work. Then one of my co-workers, an older fellow, was talking to me and he said to me “Working really just kills the human spirit.”

Man that quote really stuck with me, and it did for the entire week. I let it marinate for a second and I truly thought what working is designed for. I came up with this, you work for 25-35 years of your life, giving your all so that you don’t get fired, in exchange for your services you get 2 weeks vacation, 3 personal days, and 3 times a year to get sick. You work 8-12 hours of your 24 hour day (sometimes at a job that you don’t enjoy) and get home for a few hours to be to yourself, most likely you’ll be to tired to do anything because of the long days. Finally after going to sleep to make sure that you’re well rested for the next day, you repeat this 5-6 more times for 25-35 years of your precious life. There is one good thing, you get to look forward to spending your latter years in solitude and you get to retire, once you retire, they hand you a slip saying thank you for your service and that’s it. Your years of hard work are no longer remembered because someone else stepped in and took your place, essentially making you just a number. Man, my co-worker was right, working really kills the human spirit.

One thing that every person wants, is to feel like their life mattered, like they changed something and that they’ll be hard to replace. Working doesn’t do that though, working turns you into a number, and unless you truly love and are passionate about what you do, then it’s generally beating you down and making you feel worthless. So you begin to settle, you begin to try to find ways make yourself feel like you’re important, and that’s hard. So you become angry, and bitter, and pass that on to your offspring giving them the same outlook on life as the adults that surround them. That’s killing the human spirit.

I wanted to write this because I feel that way sometimes as well, but the only thing about me, is that I refuse to be in this situation the rest of my life. I want to tell everyone that’s reading this that I know you’re tired, I know it just seems like things are bleak. The 9-5 job was created to give you that sense of hopelessness. Those of you that can muster through any type of exhaustion and work your tail off, towards something that matters to you, I guarantee you that then you won’t be killing the human spirit. Working towards your own future can be defined in many different ways, so whichever way is best for you, I say go with it. With every bit of free time, every bit of energy, make sure that you put it towards making yourself happier. That’s how we’ll grow and pass happy tales on to generations after us. Don’t let this system destroy your spirit.

I am well aware that not everyone will be able to truly do this, and that’s fine, I say just don’t pass it on to the generation after you, that’s all. Every person has the chance to be great if you truly work hard on yourself, and not work hard for someone else all the time. The 9-5 has created a thought that maybe if you keep working hard for someone else, than someone else will take notice. No, you need to know your worth, You need push yourself. When you get to a point where work, isn’t work to you, that’s when you know that your human spirit is completely uplifted, and that your ready to take on any challenge that life offers you. The human spirit can only be killed if you let it. We all have to work and do things that we always don’t want to do, but that shouldn’t kill the human spirit. Your spirit should be overjoyed because you know that you won’t be in that same position forever.

That conversation with my coworker really made me think long and hard about the human spirit and how it’s so hard to lose it, I just wanted to say that, and hope that it touches someone. Tis’ All, I’m Out.

– Little King


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