Lets Talk Video Games, Or The Lack Thereof.


I’m a huge video game head but i’m starting to get frustrated with the fact that my Playstation 4 is merely gathering dust. It’s gotten to the point where I’ve decided to bring out my Nintendo 64 and play those games rather than play my Playstation. I think I know the problem, we may have been promised to much to soon.

Every E3 each company fights to beat the competition so that they can be named the best exhibit of the year. They will burst out games that don’t come out for years making us feel as though they are ready right now. I understand the process of trying to make a video game, and just how long and hard it is. But the frustration levels are starting to get to an all time high.

I don’t think that it’s because they’re not pumping out video games. It’s really games that we’ve all played before. The greatness of playing a new game is figuring out the buttons during the story. Though it may be frustrating, dying is a great learning curve, it gives us a reason to come back to the game and learn from our mistakes. The video game industry is starting to get almost like Hollywood. I get it, you should stick to what’s working. I think that people are speaking and what did work, is no longer working now. Video game nerds want something original. New characters, new stories, new worlds that we can sink our teeth into.

When you look at your game system you see the potential it has, then you realize you’ve being playing the same game for about 4 months. This article could be premature, and next year could drop bombshell after bombshell on us to the point where we can’t keep up. But as of right now while we’re on year 2 of these new systems. I’ve got to say, it seems as though companies were not ready, and the customers are suffering. Please, can we get this together so gamers can get excited again.

Tis’ All, I’m Out

– Little King


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