Lupe Fiasco’s First Two Album’s Are Timeless.


Lately I’ve been in a mood to listen to Lupe’s first two albums. It’s simply amazing how these two albums are just as relevant to today’s day and time as they were back when he first dropped. Lupe put out two albums that are classic. Albums that highlight a struggle that is still going on to this day. Mr. Fiasco, I’ve got to say that as I’ve gotten older I’ve really come to appreciate these timeless albums.

Food and Liquor, with the intro track he lets you know what this album is about. On one side you’ve got your food, things that nourish you, help you grow, and you’ve got liquor, things that are bringing you down. Damn Lupe! Though this album can be applied to the masses he was giving such a personal account of his story. Though he grew up in a rough part of Chicago it’s as if he took every experience and learned what was good, and what he needed to avoid. As things continue to escalate socially in America I believe this album is as important as ever. As we fight for equality we need to figure out what is food and liquor. What is killing us? And what could truly be making us stronger, even though we don’t see it immediately? Everyone needs to have this approach in life else you don’t grow and evolve. As we sit in these dreary situations, we need to figure out what is food and what is liquor. Y’all might want to listen to this album again and be inspired. One stand out lyric is “Struggle, another sign that god loves you, cause on the low, being poor keep you humble. keep they names in my rhymes to keep them out of trouble, cause being poor also teach you how to hustle.” That is some food for the soul right there.

Then there’s The Cool. Lupe takes a look at things that we have considered cool and he puts a mirror up to our faces. This album is almost like a follow up to Food and Liquor. Now that he’s shown us how to decipher between what’s food and what’s liquor, he’s now putting a mirror up and making you figure out what is cool. He goes through a myriad of situations, and forces you to look at it from the outside in, and you will be able to apply it to your life a whole lot easier. What’s truly cool? We still have to ask ourselves that question to this day, all races, and all people. Though the situations are for a specific group of people, metaphorically the albums apply to everyone.

I believe that if we go back and play Lupe’s first album’s again we can get a good look in the mirror. The same look in the mirror that Aaron McGruder tried to hold up with the boondocks. This article is simply to appreciate Lupe and all the genius and hard work that went into his first two albums. Being brutally honest can be a double edged sword and that’s exactly what these albums are, brutally honest. So for every time we go out and fight this fight let’s always consider if what we’re allowing in our mind is Food or Liquor and just how Cool is it.

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– Little King


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