“Money Is The Motivation.” So Slavery Is Your Occupation.


“Money is the motivation.” That quote has been said quite often over the last two decades. Often times this comes from people who are greedy and just want it all. Money is needed to make a life but it shouldn’t be the only thing that drives you. People with endless supplies will wave it in your face just so that you can do what they want. If money is your only motivation than you should know that slavery is your occupation.

In someones mind, once they’ve paid for you, all of your time is theirs. So imagine doing a job strictly for the money, at what point do you say enough is enough. I agree that money is very important, after all what can we do on this earth without having money in our pockets. Even with that, we should aspire to be more than just money making machines.

I see this mistake all the time from a lot of people. You have a job, but you need more money so you pick up a part time job just so that you can have more money. You are just making it so that you can’t truly put time into making yourself happy. There are billionaires who are depressed and want to end it all, because in the end paper won’t make you happy.

I know what the issue is though, a lot of young people don’t know what their motivation is so they feel that as long as they’re making money than they have a purpose, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. For the most part we all know what we want to do, it comes down to do we want to play it safe and go with the sure job, or do we want to risk a little to keep ourselves happy.

Putting effort into making your life fulfilling will lead to more riches than you can handle. With these riches you’ll be happier because money truly isn’t your motivation, people can be your motivation. Greedy, money making souls will make people miserable just so that they can pocket more money because it will never be enough. Money is their motivation which means that they will never know what true happiness is because their will always be someone with more money. You become a slave to your own mentality, and work your fingers to the bone for an empty heart.

Don’t let money be your motivation, let it be a reward for wanting to make things better in this world because you followed your heart.

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– Little King

P.S.- Here’s J. Cole talking about how money vs. happiness



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