Must Watch Shows From HGTV And The Food Network On Netflix.


Netflix is the perfect addiction for all of us. Most times we want to binge watch our favorite TV shows. We do that constantly but once we get through watching them we will try to find new shows to watch and it’s very hard. Sometimes we don’t want to watch an actual scripted TV show. The mature person is all of us would love to watch some reality. We like to see how other people do their jobs at a high level.

Thus Food Network and HGTV is incredible! Most men treat these networks like the lifetime network. Men will fight watching these networks until you actually get a glimpse of the show and realize that you’re actually into it. I’ve found four shows on Netflix that you can binge watch and you’ll find yourself engaged fully in these shows.


man vs food

This show stars Adam Richman. He travels around the country trying out different mom and pop restaurants that are adored by the community and beyond. Each region has a very specific kind of food they’re known for and in the episodes Adam takes us on a journey through each of these regions delicacies. At the end of every episode he always does a food challenge at one of the restaurants. The challenges are ridiculous and will keep you on the edge of your seat. When you watch this show you’ll want to get to these restaurants right away.


property brothers

This show is very interesting. Twin designers Drew Scott and Johnathan Scott find low priced homes and try to convince the new home buyers to take a risk and purchase it. The twins will then redo the homes to their liking. You watch them go to the stores and try to find items to make the home look gorgeous. They go through and make sure that the home is on a great foundation, they make sure that electrical and everything is working correctly. It’s not just about making it look pretty, it’s also about making it run more effectively. In every case the homeowners will have ridiculous requests for the brothers and they have to find ways to make it work. It’s an interesting show to watch.


Alton Brown GOOD EATS

This show can be hit and miss, but mostly hit. Alton Brown hosts this very interesting show about the origins of a lot of our favorite consumables. Whether it’s drinks or food he breaks it down to the science of how it is made. Not only does he break it down to a science, but he also tells how and where it originated and puts on a small (and slightly corny) skit about how it was made. After he finishes he shows you very practical ways to make the dish. You will leave feeling like you can make anything.


love it or list it

Can be a real love or hate show. The show follows Hilary Farr and David Visentin. Homeowners come to them saying how their house is no longer the home of their dreams. Situations aren’t the same and the home doesn’t feel the same. Hilary comes into the home ready to make repairs to the house and make them fall back in love with it. David comes to homeowners and takes down their wish list and tries to find them a home that matches everything on their list. As Hilary is applying the upgrades to the home, David finds the homeowners a perfect home. The homeowners look at the repairs and decide whether they have fallen back in love with their home or whether they want to put it up for sale and move into the new home. It’s very interesting to see the creativity in this show and it really puts you in a, what would you do situation.

If you really want to try something new on Netflix you have to check out these shows. You’ll find yourself laughing and gasping at these situations.

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