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  1. That right there is the point I’ve been making. Nothing EVER happens to the
    cop/s that perpetrate the killings. The guy killed Eric Garner, Mike Brown,
    Trayvon, Oscar…they somewhere on a beach chillin. Just shows how weak and
    docile blacks have become. I’d be like Sam Jackson in a time to kill if
    that was my son or daughter murdered. I’d be dead too, but so would the
    perpetrator. But then again it’s only so much one person can do. Good video

  2. What kinda Dumb Shit Is This Please stop making these vids. I get what your
    saying gl, got it the first time, and the 10% of the smart viewers got it
    the first time as well. At this point all your doing is confusing the
    idoits. You actually said go to the cops house and kill his fam, spread
    them in front of the door. I get what you mean. A lot of niggas wont. Just
    stop, I don’t see how this is helping anymore. Ignorance will persistent in
    our community, just don’t associate with it . Simple. Another failed atempt
    at true peace is all this is. Don’t bug the fuck out people. 

  3. Thats your next t-shirt. No Leader, No Plan, No Progress… well said
    Kane and you are 100% correct. What was gained by destroying the
    community? You go after the head of the snake.

  4. My leader/general is Minister Louis Farrakhan. Been fighting for us for 60
    years. In his 80’s still grinding. My favorite thing about him is that he
    doesn’t condemn the youth. He embraces us. He doesn’t hold his tongue. He’s
    calls out weak leadership when he sees it. #Farrakhan

  5. when ppl were asking and wanting answers respectfully….they were sweeping
    it under tha rug….insulting the peoples intelligences….saying no force
    was used…and everyone wants to talk about tha cause but not tha

  6. Well my nigga, NOT rioting and we still get murdered and maimed. Fuck outta
    here with that “keep calm this don’t help bullshit”. But you know what does
    help JUSTICE not peace. There should NO PEACE until White Supremacy is
    eradicated AND justice are restored. I hope they keep rioting because no
    one cares what happens to black people until it affects them. And as a side
    note: The million man march did nothing to thwart White Supremacy so
    therefore it was useless. The fact that you live there and only care that
    we’re rioting and not that we’re under genocide shows your true colors. No
    the fuck we don’t need a leader, we need a code. Our leaders get
    assassinated because the dominant society is afraid of the power we hold
    when we are united WITH A CODE. But even though I said all that, your were
    right about one thing: “we are not ready to wage war”.

  7. I don’t think we should need a leader, but if a leader will help get the
    job done, then I’m all for it. I say that because I don’t think our people
    should need one person to tell us what to do in order for us to know what
    to do. Ideally, I think we should be strong enough, and focused enough,
    and conscious enough, that we should realize we need to band together,
    united, and focus all of our pain, anger, and energy, towards targeted, and
    progressive action. If it takes someone that the “lost” can follow for
    them to see that light, then by all means, let him or her take control.

  8. You’re speaking the truth but let’s not disregard the fact that the media
    is showing this chaos rather than showing the positive rallies by blacks.
    Let’s not get fooled by the media. They want black people to flip out to
    perpetuate the stereotype of them being wild animals who are too unruly to
    live along side other races.

  9. What we really accomplished is what we set out for and thats getting
    attention to it. I bet people will remember it now because it involved
    other people. People tend to not care if it doesnt directly affect
    when it does affect them “HEY SOMEONE SETTLE THIS SHIT DOWN” and in order
    to settle that shit down they have to address the problem at the route AKA
    police brutality…the attention it caused did something because even you
    are making a video on it

  10. Watching this gave me goosebumps. Ive been saying since last fall that if
    youre forced to tear some shit up make sure your own community is not one
    of those things. Take that shit to the city hall and the police depts. But
    ive never gone into depth like he did in this vid. Everything he said
    sounds like a great rough draft to the blueprints needed for action. 

  11. He covered all the major arguments against him now these Niggas in the
    comments looking dumb talking bout some “when we peaceful they sweep
    questions under the rug” mfer did you watch the video? He said riot with
    direction i can’t believe they destroyed a fucking nursing home like that
    has anything to do with police brutality what cvs got to do with the
    police? If you lost watch his post again cause y’all niggas trippin

  12. My nig you ain’t wrong. The main thing that needs to happen is a national
    conversation about racism and what it has done to blacks, and what does it
    still do. The problem is you are dealing with people who are just angry and
    unfocused, like you said. They are mad about the effects of racism on them,
    and attack the effects as if it’s the problem. The problem is that America
    has never stood up, took ownership of, and acknowledged the reality of
    racism in this country. Shit, right now it’s worse for a person to call
    someone and racist then the, actually being a racist. The shit ends once
    white people are forced to face the reality of racism, and what their
    silent compliance or willful ignorance has really done to the blacks in
    this country. But like MLK said if a man doesn’t have something they are
    willing to die for, they ain’t worthy of their life…. Stay up my nig. 

  13. Niggas not ready to die for what they believe in….we wont have a leader
    in todays time because NO ONE is willing to take a positive stand on
    Truth be told, No even The President !!!!
    He may be classified as “Black” , but he damn sure aint a BROTHA, NOR A

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