“No Your Child Is Not Right And They Need To Learn From That Mistake.”


I’m not exactly sure where this constant babying came from but it’s starting to get out of control. In this world there are people who win and people who lose, there are people who are right and people who are wrong. The beauty of being on the losing end of situations is that if you’re strong and determined enough you can learn from those mistakes and become great. But we’re trying to make it to where kids don’t think they’re wrong or that they lost, thus making them feel entitled to something that they have not truly earned. This type of teaching needs to stop because whether people know it or not, it’s crippling the world.

I saw a new way to do math and they call it common core math. The basis of it is pretty extreme, and a piece of me understands what they’re trying to do. But one thing I whole heartily disagree with is this concept “2+2 can equal 5 if you can show me how you got 5.” That can’t happen, that answer is wrong in every way and it could make for terrible scientists, doctors, and engineers because precise numbers are key in a lot of fields. There are constant patterns in this world and we can’t go and alter them just because we think that we may know of a better way.

Constant patterns are formulas that help get to a certain number. If you come up with a different formula to get to the right number than that is innovation. Another pattern is the fact that humans learn through trial and error. You can do all the research you want but until you get out there and get something wrong you don’t learn. The greatest scientists, inventors, doctors, and even businessmen and women all learned from their mistakes. They knew there was a certain level they had to hit and they found ways to hit that level. They didn’t alter the level in order to fit their needs so that they can seem smarter really than what they are.

We as people need to stop trying to destroy the natural order of things just because you think that you’re child is the best and shouldn’t fail. We are believing that it’s the teacher and not the parent or the child that is making the mistakes. In turn we are making spoiled brats who will only get angry with the world and do something crazy just because they feel like everyone is against them. They weren’t taught how to correct their mistakes and truly make a difference. That is what life is about, we need to know what the truth is, and scratch and claw our way to it. Once we get there we will feel as though we earned it, and we can then spread that knowledge to others.

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– Little King


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