Oh I’m That Rare?!


Sometimes a story can just be so funny and ridiculous that all you can do is laugh, no matter how strange it is.


One night I was feeling it, So I called up my cousins and said “We going downtown!”

They told me “We already out here cuz!”… Oh excuse me.

So I go down there with full intentions to talk to some nice looking young ladies.

The Plan: Get down there just when all the clubs are letting out and talk to them as they’re passing by.

So that didn’t work…

Was getting shot down left and right like I was Denzel in training day.

So we said “eff it, lets go to the hookah bar.”


We show up, and man it was lit in there!

People covered the walls from left to right, so we knew we were in the right place.

But I couldn’t talk to the girls yet… Was still suffering from some PTSD from out there on the battlefield that was downtown.

So me and my cousins get some hookah and decided to get this spades game going!

You know we black…

Next thing I know, I see this girl of the Caucasian persuasion strolling the hookah bar all by herself.

I wonder to myself, should I go for one last home run?

My mind was telling me no…. BUT MY BODY….

So I stop her, and invite her to cop a squat with the squad.

We’re teaching her how to play spades and having conversation and everything.

But she’s giving me the googly eyes like hell…. So i’m doing my part.

She tells us she’s from Montana and stuff, I’m learning a lil bit about her, clearly she’s feeling me.

Then after our flirtatious stare down she begins to look around the table at my brother and cousins.

She then starts smiling as she’s sitting next to me, and i’m trying to show her how to play.


Then she tells us “You know y’all would be loved in Montana, all the girls there love exotic men!”


I was staring at her… then I broke my silence and said “You mean exotic as in, Black?”

She just looked up so innocently and said “yea!”

So she excuses her self to go to the bathroom… While she’s gone I look at my cousins and brother and I say “Ayo, are there no black people in Montana?”

Then my cousin told me “Man, I don’t know, I kind of forgot it was a state till she just said something.”

Meh, whatever! That mess was funny, and I still got her number and got up with her a few times, so everything worked out.

Moral of the story: Be proud of who you are, you are one of a kind!

-Little King



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