Ok! I’m Sorry I Ignored You.


There are quite a few bones in your body. Over 200 to be exact (even though that’s technically not an exact number, right?!). Some of which we protect with all of our strength and then there are others that we don’t seem to appreciate quite as much.

When something is not appreciated as much it tends to work hard to show you just how important they are. They will NOT be ignored. When they make their stamp in your life it will be so impactful that it will be legendary.


The Shin Bone!

It’s such an underrated hero in the human body. If the Femur is Tom Brady, than the shin bone is surely Julian Edelman OR Rob Gronkowski. We don’t realize just how important it is until it shows up! We’ve all seen the family guy episode when Peter hit his shin bone.

We’ve all been walking around carelessly, trying to avoid cutting our hands, or stubbing our toes. It is at that particular moment where the shin bone says “Alright jerk, you’re looking out for everyone except me! Watch this!”


Then with the force of Thor’s hammer and a Mike Tyson punch combined you run into a low hanging object and it hits you square!

The pain sends severe, category 5 type pains through your leg. Up to your stomach it then makes its way back down to your foot. In some ways you may actually start feeling as though your foot has decides to cut the lights off and take a nap. The next thing you know you are limping with one good foot. The tricky bastard has shown you whose boss!

Then there’s the Funny Bone!

A bone that we should take for a joke. After all it is the funny bone! BUT NO! It is tired of being laughed at, and just like a comedian it will all of a sudden switch from funny to serious in a matter of seconds.

No one is for sure where this bone is located. It tends to shift with the times. It’s often trying to guide your arm to an object so it can how you just how serious it is.

Once the bone has pinpointed its location, your arm automatically goes there. You don’t control it at all. The next thing you know. A pain so sharp and concentrated rides itself down your body! It comes as a shock at first! Who knew something so funny could be so painful!

As you wince in pain, and tears almost weld in your eyes it simply stands still and stares at you saying “Not so funny now, huh?”

No Mr. Funny Bone, No Mr. Shin Bone we completely understand the lesson that you have given us. BUT just know that I’ll forget it by tomorrow!

Tis’ All, I’m Out

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