Our New President Elect: A Brutal Election Finally Comes To A Close.


With all of the political talk that has been happening over the last few years it has truly wore down on us as a people. The whole world has watched as Americans try to figure out which candidate they believe will be the best fit for president. After many hours, and many debates we have gotten down to our two main candidates. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. They’ve run a rather brutal campaign against each other. 

Donald Trump has been criticized for jumping into the race and speaking his mind without a filter. Some think this is incredible and some believe it’s terrible. I personally think it’s great because we don’t have to wonder what he’s thinking. 

Hillary Clinton is so mysterious and she comes off disingenuous whenever she speaks. Still, she’s the one with experience to run the country, but it’s easy to look like the good guy when the other one is so clearly ignorant. That begs the question; is she being genuine with her actions, or just playing off of her villainous counterpart?  

That is something that none of us know. However, the way that Hillary is being demonized reminds me a lot of when Barack Obama first ran for office. There was a tactic put in to scare us from him. I wouldn’t be surprised if that same tactic was used on Hillary as well.

With all of that being said, America has a very important decision to make come November 8, 2016. We have to go with our hearts in electing our leader. It will not be an easy selection so we must choose wisely. 

SO!!! With that being said, we aren’t going to think about it! What we’re going to do is sit back and watch a famous Aesop fable come to life here! We all know who would win in real life, but it’s still fun to watch. So enjoy this video of the Tortoise Vs. The Hare!

Tis’ All, I’m Out

– Little King


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