Presenting Aziah King (A.K.A. – Zola) And Her Crazy Story!


The internet is the most amazing thing to happen in the history of humans. So many people can get their stories out there to the masses. A girl named Zola shared a story yesterday was completely INSANE. I don’t usually post articles like this but this story was too good to pass up. It was intense, funny, it had character development, plot twists, descriptive words and it was all on TWITTER!

I’m not sure if this story was true or not but even if it wasn’t they need to make this into a movie RIGHT AWAY! This girl is a natural story teller and writer. When you begin reading just know that you won’t be able to stop. I was at work sneaking into a corner just so that I could finish it. She had cliff hangers, and even a diverse cast. This is easily one of the best moments to happen in 2015.

It’s like a car crash and you won’t be able to look away. You’ve got to love the future when stuff like this can get out. I’m done gushing over this story. So without any further delay here’s the story from the amazing Ms. Zola.


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