Remembering The Fun Days Of Youtube.


For years Youtube was a place where we could watch some of the funniest people do random things (we still do to an extent). But it’s grown almost into its own television network and now we can see original webisodes with advertisements that remind us where the world is going. I want to take us to the days of youtube shenanigans and talk about the stars from before the advertisements and seriousness.


  • Philip Wade: How could we forget how funny this guy was with his impersonations and his execution of turning some trap songs into gospel renditions? Dude was absolutely hilarious and he was just being himself.


  • Kain Carter: He started out telling stories, then he ended up giving hilarious advice. Now he does stand up comedy sometimes, has a clothing brand, and can do CGI. Him first starting was absolutely hilarious.


  • Jay Pharoah: He really had one huge claim to fame and that was his impersonations. The next thing we know he’s on Saturday night live doing it big.

  • Be Your Own Boss Entertainment: These guys ruled every social media thread for at least 6 months with their animated songs.


  • Karmin: These two were absolutely electric. They took our favorite songs and made them into something we never expected. They’ve put out good music since being signed they just commercially haven’t been huge, but they’re still great.



  • My Way Entertainment: These guys ushered in the Youtube voice over parody and damn near broke Youtube with their videos.

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– Little King


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