Saturday Night Live Is Keeping Us Laughing, Thanks Chance The Rapper!



Saturday Night Live has undergone some serious plastic surgery. For the most part Saturday Night Live has stayed in there lane, and didn’t veer far away from it. Because of that people began to look for other shows to watch because SNL was starting to get pretty stuffy, and they just weren’t hiring great talent to keep us laughing. But lately Saturday Night Live has been doing a great job with their sketches and its getting people back on the SNL bandwagon.

I believe part of it is that SNL is staying current with technology and giving their best sketches to their YouTube channel and drawing us in that way. But to draw us in they have to have interesting sketches, and SNL surely has them now. SNL is taking risks now, their tackling social issues and taking them on hard, they’re not afraid to truly let you know what they think anymore.

With that being said, they have another sketch that was absolutely hilarious! And it came in the form of a song. Chance the rapper was a guest on SNL this week and he, Kenan Thompson, and Leslie Jones all combined to give us Christmas Comedy. Chance the rapper really decides to go ahead and showcase a comedic and fun lyrical onslaught that makes us realize just how much we are going to miss our great president Barack Obama come January.

SNL is really deciding to tackle more issues while still being creative, I’m not sure if it’s because they have different writers or what. But Saturday Night live has had a makeover. And listening to Chance the Rapper, Kenan Thompson, and Leslie Jones skate over this track with Run DMC style is another reason to tune in week after week for what SNL has in store.

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