Shannon Sharpe Is A National Treasure!


Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless started their sports debate show on Fox Sports 1 and it has quickly exploded into one of our favorite shows to watch.

Skip and Shannon have never been afraid of controversy. If you can remember Skip Bayless from first take, he did not spare feelings. While Skip was on first take, it would always get very interesting whenever Shannon Sharpe came on the show. He showed up and he didn’t back down to anyone. He was a true southern gentlemen who spoke his mind. Often times, what was on his mind would have us LAUGHING!

Since then, Fox Sports 1 has become a social media hit. Everyone loves the clips that we get from Shannon Sharpe. If we’re being honest, Shannon Sharpe is a lot more popular on that show than the show runner, Skip Bayless, but they work well together.

Shannon Sharpe has had so many classic moments on this very short lived show. He called out Ray Lewis, he’s talked about how he’s on the yak. Shannon Sharpe, simply doesn’t care. People can’t say anything to him because of his intelligence and the fact that he knows sports.

Shannon Sharpe understands the professional athlete more than anyone else. He is the best of both worlds, he gets along with reporters and athletes. It’s because of his ability to shape shift and be himself that this show will continue to grow in leaps and bounds. Shannon Sharpe is a national treasure and he should be treated as such!



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