Should Everyone Really Have A Platform To Say What They’re Thinking?


I love the internet, what it has done for the common person is amazing. You can possibly do what you’ve always loved if you work hard enough at it. The internet is killing the way the corporation operated and it’s making for a happier world. You can look at what’s going on in Argentina simply by swiping through Instagram or checking out someone’s traveling blog. Knowing you can do that with such ease means that the once voiceless now have a voice, and THAT is a double edged sword. While there are so many people that deserve to be heard, There are a lot of people who simply don’t need the platform. Some people spread stupidity and then that stupidity spreads to other stupid people to the point where it becomes the narrative.

Most of us are all just looking for a reason. A reason to get a response so we post crazy things. I know it was a super hero movie but this line in the dark knight was very true “There are some people in the world who just want to see the world burn.” On the internet we call those trolls. These internet trolls invoke a response from people and they become a celebrity overnight because of it. Next thing you know they get interviews, then talk shows and a bigger platform to spread stupidity. These people just should not have a platform. These people that live for drama, that thrive on chaos, that love the hate, because to often they dictate the narrative. In return more people become angry that they are getting such publicity and then another battle takes place. This just seems like a vicious cycle.

I do not think that we should take away the ability to give people a platform, but I do believe that we should watch what we partake in. This hate is like growing a vegetable, if you don’t water it, it will die off. If we continue to water and bring attention to it, it will grow stronger and stronger. These internet trolls before had no way of spreading their stupidity to the masses, now they do. We as people have to take responsibility as to what we water and let grow though. So even though I don’t believe that everyone should have this platform, I do believe that it’s their right to say what they want. But then it is now our duty to ignore the stupidity.

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– Little King


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