Sometimes Life Won’t Let You Be Mature


I was at work, grinding away to the man for a paycheck (You know how that goes).

Because of my hard work I became parched, I decided to quench this strong thirst with some water, but first I had to go to the break room to fill my water bottle up.

I go in there and I see two men having a private conversation, but I keep to myself, it seems serious, besides the TV is on so I can’t hear but so much.

My water bottle is almost filled and as if God himself wanted my ears to hear the vibrations leaving from this mans voice box, the TV went silent, it was going to commercial.

Next thing I hear is “My constipation has been feeling like a ton of bricks that keep coming back.”

*Cues spit take*

I know I had to stop filling my bottle up for a short time, and I know they heard the water stop.

It took everything in me not to exhale a might roar of laughter!

I stood strong, but I was about to pass out trying to hold it in.

I take my tail to the bathroom and EVERY muscle released as I got that laugh out.

A ton of bricks!? I know that situation was TOUGH.

Moral of the story: Sometimes it is impossible to be mature, just hold it in as best you can and wait for an opportune time to erupt with immaturity.

Tis’ All, I’m Out

-Little King.


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