Southpaw Review: An Emotional Drama


First of all, something has to be done about the length of these movie trailers. I really forgot that I was watching a movie because of how long they were lasting. But now, on to the movie review.

I came into Southpaw expecting this movie to be a hard hitting emotional tale. Not as great as Rocky, but something that will give me the emotional, and intense feeling I got from when I saw Real Steel. I was wrong. The movie starts off extremely slow, and it’s hard to completely attach yourself to it at first. It’s very cliched, and can be a tad dry at times. The boxing scenes in the movie won’t particularly blow you away, but it’s entertaining enough.

But the performances in this movie were A plus! Man Jake Gyllenhaal, Rachel McAdams, and Forest Whitaker were a great team. The big surprise for me was Oona Laurence who played Jake’s daughter, man she was outstanding. Jake, and Oona’s relationship throughout the movie was definitely a tear jerker. Through it all, Gyllenhal remained strong in every sense of the word throughout the movie. The sense of hopelessness was there, and it was only amplified when his daughter would step into the scene with him. Be prepared to have a few scratchy throat moments, I almost cried a few times.

One of the reason’s this movie wasn’t amazing was because, outside of the relationship with his daughter you will have a hard time connecting to anything else in this movie. The movie was very cliched, so everything seems like it’s been done before. The performances were one of the main things to hold on to.

The movie does give a story of a man having to grow up and make decisions on his own. One line that I truly loved in the movie was “Your only weapon is a shotgun, and a grenade, you have to learn to hit with precision.” That line sums up the whole movie. Sadly, his wife dying was the only way to make him slow down and think. That line can also make us look at our lives and evaluate ourselves as well.

You will come into the movie expecting a great boxing movie, but don’t expect that. The boxing scenes in the movie were cool but honestly they didn’t hold power. His final fight should’ve felt a lot bigger than what it was, honestly they could’ve just stuck any fighter in there and I would’ve gotten the same feeling. Through it all, the focus always comes back to his daughter and that is what makes you stick through this movie. You will want nothing but the best for him and her. As I said before, each scene with him and her is very emotional, and powerful.

Overall don’t expect this movie to knock you off your feet. Do expect some very emotional scenes. The boxing in it was cool. but it’s not as intense and heart pounding as you might want.

I’m giving this movie a 8.4/10

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– Little King


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