Star Wars Episode VII Review: A Force To Be Reckoned With!


The force is alive and well! With so much secrecy in this new star wars movie people have been on edge naturally. The trailers never showed any real spoilers, you had to get to the movies in order to know the entire movie. So the whole world was up and waiting for this iconic series. The expectations were enormous and if the movie fell even a smidge short of expectations then the whole world would be up in flames because of it. I am happy to tell you that this movie delivers, and with the care and love that Star Wars fans, old and new will love.

First of all I want everyone to know that my reviews are always spoiler free so expect that from this review. I’ve heard different words used to describe this movie, one of which is “Overhyped.” And the other is “Good.” Make no mistake, this movie was absolutely phenomenal! When star wars first came out, it was described as a “Space Drama.” In today’s day and time I think that we’ve become so accustomed to movies having just enough story to get us to the action scenes where we can jump out of our seats. There’s honestly not enough care taken of the actual story, Star Wars has always done that. Another issue is that the movie is a “Space Drama.” It wasn’t meant to have the transformers-esque feel. It was meant to take you to another world and you try to put yourself in the shoes of a completely different time. The original Star Wars did that, and this new one does that extremely well. We also can’t read the book to figure out what happens later on, so people can’t get that satisfaction of watching others get the twists in the story or of complaining that it’s not the same as the book. We’re all on equal playing ground and no one truly knows what’s going on.

With that being said, the movie was spectacular. The new hero’s in the story are introduced quite fast and we begin to care for them almost right away. They have a very likable quality to them and they are relatable. Rey is a total bad ass and she will probably be your favorite character. You’ll immediately love the authenticity of the worlds and the robots. You can feel them as their rolling around and it adds the original Star Wars feel to it.

Star Wars always found a way to make you question what you would do in a situation. Which side would you be on, the dark side or the light side? And what would drive you to the dark side? This movie is no exception. Our characters have to make decisions that could affect the outcome of a great war, and “great” this war is. Things are bigger and more bad ass in this movie from the special effects, to the actual climax of the movie.

One thing that I believe star wars fans, young and old will appreciate is how the effects affect your perspective. In episodes 1-6 we always felt as though these light sabers and laser guns could do more damage than what the movie showed. In episode 7 your vision with these weapons will come into fruition. Because of this added element the movie is a lot more intense than before. So not only are you getting a great “Star Wars-esque” story line but you are also getting the effects that you have always wanted. The action in this movie is great. The scenes were so heart pounding that you will find yourself swaying back and forth trying to help out our hero’s in whatever way you can. Whether they are flying ships or having hand to hand combat, these movies have taken several steps above the other movies with action.

The acting in this movie was great. It was great seeing Han Solo (Harrison Ford) and Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher) again for another adventure. The new comers in the movie will definitely steal your heart away. John Boyega (Finn) is a great up and coming star. He settled into his role quite well in this movie and he added a new element to the film that will make you wonder exactly what do they have on deck for this continuation of the series. Another person who will steal the screen is Oscar Isaac (Poe Dameron) he is certainly on the rise fast (if he isn’t there yet). From his captivating performance in Ex-Machina, and even the preview’s of him as Apocalpyse in the upcoming X-men movie show you just how talented this guy is. In Star Wars he truly does make you want for him. He adds a certain spice to the movie. The one who really steals the show is Daisy Ridley (Rey). Right away you will be captivated with her. She has a grittiness to her, a loving side, and a comedic side that meshes so well with this movie. She is introduced fairly fast and you can feel the chills come through your spine once you finally lay your eyes on her. Right away you know that she’s special. If there is anyone that I can’t wait to see again, it is Daisy Ridley.

Overall you should expect from Star Wars what you have always expected, A SPACE DRAMA! It’s not an action movie, it’s a movie with a story line. It’s a movie that’s trying to introduce character’s and leave you on the edge of your seat waiting for the next scene. It’s a movie that’s starting everyone on even playing ground and once you step foot on the playground you will be in for a thrill. If you love the original star wars than this movie is absolutely for you. It’s working towards a huge climactic ending and you can feel that by the end of this movie. It’s a great story line, with great special effects, and lovable/interesting characters. You must see it atleast twice. That’s how excited you will be.

I’m giving this movie a 9.1/10

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