Stefan James: One Of A Kind Artist, One Of A Kind Sound!


We, as an audience, can hear when music is truly unique, the artist doesn’t have to tell us how good they are. The body of work speaks for itself. Listening to “Dangerous Woman” by Stefan James, I heard a sound that the music industry has been craving for a long time.

Stefan James can ride the beat effortlessly, his voice blends in with any song and you can feel the passion from his mouth to your bones. Immediately when “Dangerous Woman” started playing, I couldn’t help but smile because I knew that this song was a hit. When you mix unique talent with the right team, you get an artist that other’s will surely want to copy, and Stefan James is one of those artists.

He is influenced a lot by R&B but he also delivers a great pop sound as well, he can cross all music genre’s without hesitation. I hate to do comparison’s but think Justin Bieber meets the Weeknd with Timbaland swag. Stefan James is truly going to be a big star. He started singing at 12 years old and since then has never put down the mic. He spent years trying to craft his own style so that he could give the audience something truly great, and boy did he succeed at that!

Stefan James is someone who is passionate about his music. He is a very hardworking singer and wants to do his best just to keep his fans happy, and stay true to the craft. At such a young age he is very mature, and ready to take on the responsibility of being great.

Not only does he sing, but he also writes, and models. He has integrity, which is hard to find in this day and age. With that integrity comes love. He does what he does for his fans and fans alone. With his fans always in his heart that means that he’s going to evolve, grow, and only get better as time goes a long.

As the month’s continue to fly by, be on the look out for Stefan James as his lead single “Dangerous Woman” starts to take off. He will be on your radio station’s for years to come. This evolutionary artist is bound to impact every person on earth whether young or old.

(Check out the new single “Dangerous Woman”)


Stefan James- Dangerous Woman (Prod. J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League)

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