Stop Following Your Dreams, Set Goals For Yourself.


“Follow your dreams, don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it.” I agree with this statement 100%, but I also believe that it is misleading. Dreams are something that you wake up from. It’s a very abstract idea that you create in your mind that will often never happen. After all, who will ever go down a stream and see talking beavers make a dam for you, so you can cross the river and get the cold stone ice cream treat that you earned in your wrestling match with The Rock. Do you see how random and non realistic that is?

I believe that if your aspirations aren’t big enough to where it scares you and makes others doubt you, than you’re not thinking big enough. The problem arises though when we confuses goals with dreams. Dreams are something that are out of our hands and we can’t control. Goals are something that are planned, and we have outlined steps to get to that goal. That’s where the serious confusion gets in.

Often times once we know what our dreams are we don’t sit down and give ourselves goals to hit day in and day out. Thus making our dreams just that, an abstract idea that you created. If you couple that in with the fact that it’s big enough to scare you and your family, you will never feel like you can achieve it. We have to break our dreams down into goals. The most successful people in the world all celebrated small victories, and that means that they set goals for themselves.

A goal is something that can be achieved because it’s planned. There is lots of research and thinking that goes into how one can achieve a goal, especially after you’ve outlined what you want to do, and you bring it into a realistic achievement. This is no longer a dream of yours, it’s now a goal, and a goal is very reachable if you have the mindset and discipline of a winner. You no longer are scared that your dreams won’t come true, you know they will because you’ve made a plan for how they will.

So in all honesty, a dream is something that can’t be achieved. It is when we turn our wildest aspirations to goals that we then turn our dreams to reality. If that means you have to go to school, than do it. If that means you have to spend hours and hours in a secluded area just to make progress than you do it. All this will be completely worth it when you achieve your goal and you realize that anything is truly possible.

Tis’ All, I’m Out

– Little King


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