Stop Lying To Yourself, Be Comfortable With Who You Are.


We as humans, we judge, and we judge a lot. Often times we judge prematurely. We get upset when people don’t act the way that we expect them to. Instead of trying to get to the root of the problem, we simply ignore it. We should ask ourselves, what would happen if we actually sit down and have a conversation with the ones we figured were troubled? Maybe, just maybe, they feel inferior to you. A person who they see as being more successful.

Envy, jealousy, and even anger stem from something so deep that the person will never be able to tell where it came from. Especially if it’s a man. The sad truth is that they don’t feel as though they are good enough. We have all been through that and we all know how terrible that feels.

Insecurity in who you are is so hard to admit. It gets even worse when those we love often times don’t look at us the same anymore either. A friend can begin to feel resentment and just downright sad. They begin to wonder what they did wrong. They want to know why they aren’t good enough to be blessed like you. Once you understand this, you will see the hurt inside of them and actually want to fix it.

As the one who everyone looks up to, it’s your responsibility to help them, whether you like it or not. Sometimes you have to save them from being destructive to themselves. The best way to do that is to tell them that they ARE good enough. The person that they are is beautiful, and they should embrace who they are. Quit trying to be someone that you’re not, just to get impress someone who you think envy’s certain material things.

Accepting this responsibility is putting you at peace. You no longer will feel lost. You will feel whole because you’re encouraging just one more person, and that’s all it takes. Seeing someone be something other than themselves can be painful. Especially when you know that you’ve got to the level of success that you have simply by loving, and being who you are. If you can encourage others to do that, than you will forever make an impact.

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