Suffering From The Aftermath Of Your Music Choices Or Growing Because Of Them.


What we feed our souls will manifest its way into our actions. This applies to our friends, preachers, television shows and movies, and even the music we listen to. Often times we simply wave music off and say that it’s just something that we are having fun to. But 90% of the time if the beat or song is to playback (even if its years later) we will remember most of the lyrics that were associated with it. Which should make a light go off in your head that these lyrics have crawled their way into your brain and made a home there. Yet somehow we still don’t believe that the music we listen to doesn’t impact us. I’m here to tell you that music is powerful and what you listen to can have a serious effect on how you deal with life.

Art is an imitation of life and it can paint the pain that the artist is experiencing. They had to push themselves out of a dark place in order to achieve success. Often times we believe that we are the only ones going through our current situations but you would be surprised to realize just how many people have actually had a very similar journey. One thing that makes for a lot of stress is feeling as though no one can understand. Music can be a way to escape your predicament and sometimes make us feel better, but if we’re not listening to the right things during our time of vulnerability than it can lead us down a dark path.

It’s like when someone plays on your weakness to their advantage and you end up more hurt in the end. That’s what you’re doing to yourself if you don’t feed the right music to your ears. If you’re struggling with money, the last thing that you want to hear is how rich someone is and how much better their life is than yours. We believe that no one has ever walked a mile in our shoes and I agree with that to a fault. They may not have walked a mile in your shoes specifically but they have walked a mile in the same exact pair that you own, and they bought them from the same store, they just had to get a different size. So they understand the discomfort, and the soothing feel associated with those shoes.

There is an artist for everyone. There is music to get you through all of your predicaments. Music holds a power over each and every human being on this earth and for you to think otherwise is ridiculous. Music can inspire you to achieve more, it can tell you to keep pushing even when you feel like giving up, music can comfort you when you are going through a heart break, and music can make you just relax and enjoy life a little more. So when listening to music we need to understand our mind state at the time because what we’re putting into our ears could change our perception on life and what we really want.

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