Suicide Squad Review: An Underwhelming, Yet Necessary Movie.


Is this the real life? Or is this just fantasy? No, seriously these are questions that need answers. One thing that I’ve admired about Warner Brothers is the fact that they’ve actually taken the DC comics and actually tried tell the story in a new way. It’s not just an onslaught of hero movies then they all come together for one big villain, and then go back to doing their own thing. That is a formula that can be overwhelming, and eventually make us care less about the characters. I was one of the few who actually loved batman vs. superman, and I also loved man of steel despite their less than stellar reviews. I can actually see a new direction that I can appreciate. It seemed as though these DC movies were going to make their own route and wow us in the process. Then for some reason when they saw the final cut of Suicide Squad they decided to dial back going in their own direction and follow the direction of marvel. It is because they did this that suicide squad lacked everything that we’ve come to love about DC comics!

At first I didn’t really have much of an expectation for suicide squad, but the more that I saw the trailers, the more I began to think that maybe this movie won’t be so bad. Before long I was actually excited to go and see it. We were going to get actual criminals with dark pasts in a movie. Then I began to see articles about how it was going to be a very adult superhero movie that holds back nothing. That’s exactly what we needed when it came to the DC universe. With the success of Deadpool, I was sure that money wouldn’t scare them away from pretty much kicking little kids out of the theater. That wasn’t the case. It seems as though suicide squad got cold feet right at the end and didn’t trust their instinct.

Let’s highlight some good in the movie. First of all Deadshot! Man he was absolutely amazing to watch. You can tell that the creators really wanted to focus on Will Smith a lot and it paid off. You will look forward to every scene that he’s in (which, thank goodness, is most of them.) You will sink your teeth into it and it will keep you full. I also thoroughly enjoyed Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. The CGI in this movie was really great, and the villain’s in this movie will definitely make your skin crawl. Really all the actors did a good job with their role. Jared Leto included.

However, it’s not the story that crashes here, it’s the execution of it. We were dealing with sincere sociopath’s and yet the filmmakers and executives decided to add humor to it. As crazy as they are, all the humor seemed very out of place. It’s easy to accept maniacal sarcasm, but just straight jokes coming from these criminals was annoying to watch. Although some of the jokes were funny, it just felt like it shouldn’t have been there.

All the scenes started off very intense, and a piece of me knew that they would only get darker and more intense as it went on. The problem is that the filmmaker didn’t follow through with that formula. After a huge fight scene or a very intense moment it was always met with comedy. Once again, that was irritating because these criminals were being led into a battle that no one wanted a part of. So in reality you would think that putting dangerous criminals in a situation, and not telling them what they’re doing would possibly make them a little angrier. Really the only one who was sincerely expressing his anger was Deadshot! Everyone else was cracking jokes!

I will say this one thing about suicide squad. Although it wasn’t the strongest movie. The genius with the DC universe, and how they’re doing their movies is the fact that this movie is a necessary movie. It helps move the entire universe along and the next DC movie will most likely piggy back off of that. There are a few cameos from other hero’s where you’ll see exactly why this movie is necessary. So from that perspective the movie was fun to watch. The actual execution of drawing us in failed, but it still made this movie a pivotal part of the justice league franchise, and that was amazing.

Overall, I would say that this movie doesn’t have to be seen right away. It was decent. The ones in charge decided to go with a formula that they were familiar with, instead creating their own. Because they decided to be softer when it came to this movie, they took this very adult centered DC comics story and made it available for all ages. That is why this film does not live up to what it should have been.

I’m giving this movie a 6.1/10

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