Take Accountability For Your Actions.


Accountability. A word that people are very afraid of for some reason. Yet as powerful as it is, people still don’t hold themselves accountable. I’m not sure why we are always quick to blame someone else for a situation that we could have avoided. It’s a known fact that there are challenges facing people day in and day out, but if we continue to put ourselves in this situation to get into trouble, than who’s really to blame? There are people waiting for you to mess up because they really can’t stand you and want to hurt you, and yet we walk into the dark alley-ways anyway. Then we get upset when someone is there to smack us in the head.

This article is going to spew some uncomfortable truths so I hope you’re ready for them. America has a large biased against minorities. There are very negative stereotypical views of every last one of them. If one is caught doing something, than the whole race of people will be drug down with them. Minorities are baited into bad situations and when we get caught in them we’re now going to get the harshest penalty there is. That is an organized operation.

The main reason people want minorities to all go to jail is so that the majority of people can put their mind at ease.  They can feel as though minorities are always in the wrong. They need to feel that way so that the fear of any wrong doings and injustice is solely on someone else and not the system. Its fear, fear that maybe their life has been cushioned. Fear that maybe people will rise up and knock them off of their thrones. Fear that maybe, just maybe things are beginning to change. Also its fear that maybe they’ll have to own up to something that their ancestors did that ruined generations.

The majorities of that country don’t want to face these harsh truths. So what do they do? They set you up to fail inside of an environment you’ve come to praise. Instead of telling yourself “I shouldn’t be here.” You simply go into this situation and blame someone else. If you know that you’re going to be harassed in this spot, why do you keep going there? When you go to a trump rally yelling “Black lives matter.” Or “Bernie 2016.” Why are you surprised when you have obscenities yelled at you or worse? The harsh truth is that you shouldn’t be surprised. If you are real enough to go, you need to take accountability to the fact that these things are going to happen.

You see once we hold ourselves accountable, we begin to think different. We begin see why things happen the way that they do and we actively try to fix them. Change has to come within yourself first. I’m not going to go on a tennis court with a baseball bat and get upset when they say that I can’t be on the court. I know that I need a tennis racket! Once we accept the fact that we are being set up to fail, we will go into situations with a different level of accountability. Protesting works, protesting brings awareness to those whose voices have been silenced. In order to make true change you have to go into a murky situation and bring awareness there. When going into that situation you need to also hold yourself accountable with the fact that you’re going into enemy territory where you aren’t welcome. You can’t get mad when they act there normal selves, and hurl ignorance at you. You hold your head up and say “I put myself in that situation, I got what was coming.” Once accountability is engrained into each and every one of us. Real change will begin to happen.

Black lives, do matter!

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  • Little King.

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