Taylor and Nicki, Thank You For Providing A Great Example For Us.


As we all have heard, the Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj so called “feud” was dominating radio and television. Luckily this did not last long. You want to know why, because Taylor called Nicki and actually talked everything out. WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT! Talking to someone really does resolve so many issues, but people refuse to do it and it’s frustrating.

This article could be strictly about these two but I think there is a bigger meaning in this situation. Taylor Swift called and talked to Nicki instead of letting things get out of control, and those two understood each other and treated each other as human beings. That is something that we are not doing anymore, we take offense to some words, we let our ego’s get in the way, then it becomes a bigger deal than what it should have been. This small feud proves once again that the future is going to be a better place if we keep pushing forward. A future where people will talk their problems out, understand each other, and come to a place where we are all sensitive and understanding of each other.

I’ve got to applaud both Taylor and Nicki. Taylor for having the courage to call, and Nicki for being open enough to listen and understand. That is big on both of there parts. News is waiting on a new headline to post up and make the situation bigger than what it is. Whether people choose to admit it or not, celebrities are humans as well. Celebrities have ego’s, they’re insecure, they don’t always want to be hated, and they don’t want to be embarrassed. Taylor and Nicki controlled the narrative, and provided an example of how EVERYONE should respond to someone supposedly bad mouthing them.

I know everyone lives on drama and fighting, but that is not what we need. We need more stories like this, though news stations tried to focus on the feud between the two they truly couldn’t because it was already resolved. I’m pretty sure that these two will now do a song together now to be completely honest.

Once again people, let’s get excited, things are getting better. This generation is no longer letting hate and evil spread to the people and we are doing everything we can to control it.

Kudo’s to these two ladies.

Tis’ All, I’m Out

-Little King


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