The Black Mamba: A True Legend Who Can’t Be Replaced! Thank You Kobe!


For 20 years. Say it again 20 years! We’ve watched Kobe “Black Mamba/Bean” Bryant grace our screens. His killer instinct and pure passion was a lesson for us all. Every millennial was affected by Kobe in one way or another. Even if you didn’t watch basketball and you just liked to play it every now and then, he still affected you. Who else remembers yelling “Kobe!” whenever you dropped buckets on some unsuspecting foe. Kobe Bryan is going to be sincerely missed throughout the NBA. For the longest time it was Kobe’s league and no one else’s. Now sadly that chapter has closed.

Whether we know it or not, Kobe taught us much about how to approach life when he took the basketball court. We all knew Kobe as a magician with the jumper, but what is really underrated about the legend is his hustle.

Kobe put it all on the line each and every day. He put his heart on the court and that is what will be missed most about Kobe

His pure passion for the game. He loved to play, he loved to study and get better at his god given gift. We have all get used to just cruising through life but we can’t be like that. We have to be like Kobe!

We have to want to be the best, we have to want to put hours and hours into something in order to show people how serious we are. With those hours comes dominance, fearlessness, and a pure killer instinct.

That is something missing from most modern day sports. It’s all about money and not about being great. Kobe determined how successful he was, not by the money, but how he played each and every night. He left his all out there for everyone.

It didn’t come easy, it didn’t come without controversy, but it came. Now all those hours of practice, all the blood, sweat, tears, and heart he left out on the floor will forever be tattooed in the staples center.

That is why Kobe’s absence will have such a great impact. He is a reminder of how we should approach our lives. Now that he’s gone we get sad, and wonder who do we lean on now?

Well Bean, it’s been real and I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving sports the killer instinct it’s always needed.


Now it’s time for the torch to be passed and I think we all know who it’s going to. Russell Westbrook!

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