The Complexities Of Life.


One thing that every person has struggled with (whether you admit it or not) is loving yourself. Feeling as though you’re different in a world where everyone praises cookie cutter lives can make you question yourself. We can view uniqueness as a curse, and in some cases, we fall right into the trap of mediocrity by not embracing who we are. Television programs, movies, radio shows, and even internet trolls can make us view ourselves as not good enough. But whether you’re a woman, Black, White, Asian, Latin, Middle Eastern, anything that’s a little different from the norm, you need to get inside your head, that you’re beautiful.

Self-worth is a life changing trait. We no longer will settle for what we’ve been told. We view ourselves as a beautiful soul who is capable of anything. Self-worth doesn’t mean you don’t show humility. It means that we are aware of our potential. We embrace the things that make us different from everyone else. Whether that’s skin color, gender, your way of thinking, or even what you like.

Being unique is not a curse, it’s what god has put inside each and every one of us to show the people that he exists. If we don’t embrace that then we are depriving people of the power of god. What is unique to you may not always be popular. In fact in most cases it probably won’t be the popular thing. You have to be confident enough in who you are to be able to stand tall in whatever it is that makes you, you.

Don’t let television shows, movies or anyone tell you that you aren’t good enough. Know that you are, and forever will be beautiful if you just learn your self-worth and embrace what’s unique about you. Once you do that you will begin to see a change in your life that you’ve never noticed before.

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