The Crippling 5 Year Plan.


“So where do you see yourself in five years?” How many of us have heard that? After someone asks that question we answer with what we think is the best answer. Let’s be honest, some people are spot on with their planning. Everything works out in the order to which they planned and it looks as though they will be headed towards peace and tranquility. Or so we think. As you continue on in your journey in life you will realize that your five year plan and what god has for you are two different things.

Often times we find ourselves making a five year plan because we are told that’s what we are supposed to do. In some ways it does help, it gives you something to shoot for. But if we don’t achieve that plan within the time frame than suddenly we feel lost, alone, and scared. We wonder what all of the work was truly for. We get frustrated knowing that the way we planned our life is no longer working the way we want. So to come somewhat close to our goal we begin to settle for anything that resembles what our five year plan is just so that we can tell people that we are on track. Often with that one way thinking we put blinders on for different paths and we may actually miss something truly magical. A plan is good, but often times once we get started into achieving it we see that there are so many more factors that we did not consider. Suddenly because we can’t achieve what we want in five years we go for a plan that’s more reasonable. A lot of times we set ourselves up for mediocrity because we are trying to follow a specific plan.

But if you follow your heart, follow a plan that you feel you need to follow you will get there. Often times we treat ourselves like trees. Once we’ve found a good place to plant ourselves we stay there and grow, not giving ourselves the freedom to move around. If you follow your heart and make a plan to progress instead of a timed plan you will find yourself happier, more fulfilled, and closer to your goal than you may realize. We make ourselves trees, when really we should be more like water. Free, and just going with the flow, the destination will be reached but there are somethings we have to go through first. Following what you feel is right is a nerve wrecking thing. You’re venturing into unknown territory and no one knows anything about it including yourself. So you find yourself taking advice when really the ones giving it have no clue what they’re talking about either. Once you’ve decided that you want to take this specific path you need to pack your bag up and tell everyone that you’re going alone because you will feel a lot more comfortable dealing with turmoil by yourself. You will trust the process and actually see progress.

So having a 5 year plan can sometimes stop you from achieving all that you want to. Humans have to be adaptable and a five year plan is like a pen, not a pencil. We need to go with the flow more and make progress not plans.

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