The Dream Of All Dreams.


Every mother has a fear of her son growing up. Luckily for her there are men that have been through the growing stages of their son. There is a point in a boy’s life where he lies down a young boy and then the “dream” hits him and we wakes up with new eyes gazing at the earth. I want to give you some hints that lets you know your son may have finally made his transition.

  • He stays in bed longer than normal.

Usually when a boy pees the bed he gets out immediately and tells you. This time will be different, his brain has told him that this is strange and he should figure it out before he tells a parent.

  • Suddenly he has an urge to wash his clothes by himself.

The last thing a boy wants his mom to see is a strange substance that appeared out of nowhere. Until he feels he has the situation under control, he’ll be keeping that private.

  • You are blowing through tissue faster than you ever have.

This seems pretty self-explanatory.

  • Suddenly sleep is the best thing in the world and he wants to make sure he’s in bed at a reasonable time.

The boy is not sure what this dream was that awakened him but he knows he’s only awakened in his sleep (ironically). So he keeps to the sheets until he figures out what’s going on.

  • (If your child is smart) You will begin to see that the internet history is beginning to be cleared.

This honestly could count for men and children.

  • He’ll start taking notice to women now and what’s going on around your clothes.

His eyes start to wander as women are talking and he’ll find himself staring my accident. This means he’s aware of what is being hidden underneath the clothing.

If these things begin to happen to your child just talk to him because that means that he’s crazy confused. A confusion that he likes, but confused none the less.

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