The Healing In Energy Massage Therapy.


Recently I got a very underrated human experience. It was body care from a whole different perspective. I could feel energy being pushed away. I could feel pain wrapped up into a ball then I felt it exit. This technique isn’t always done correctly, but when done by the right person it will make you question medicine, and make you appreciate how incredible your body is. I’m talking about a massage, and not just any massage. It’s a deep tissue massage that concentrates on your body’s energy.

There’s so much evidence of how the most obscure and relaxing techniques help to keep the body in tip top shape. And yet we ignore it. We go with what we’ve been told works, and not with what actually works.

Being in-tune with the earth where we are born from will make you realize just how much we need it. Rubbing the muscles down with natural oils from the earth will do more wonders than popping an Ibuprofen would.

The massage showed me that our body wants to work, it wants to help, but we aren’t helping it out by giving it what it needs. There are groupons for massages, I think everyone should try it and feel how you have a change in attitude and your approach to life.

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– Little King


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