The Jungle Book Review: Put Your Worries To Rest, This Movie Is Great!


I will start this by saying that I wasn’t the biggest fan of the cartoon. Not saying it wasn’t good, it just wasn’t my personal favorite. So when I saw that they were doing a live action movie I was not all that excited. I decided to go and see the movie after I saw a clip of Idris Elba as Shere Khan. I must say that this movie completely surprised me with how great it is.

The story was incredible. It was engaging from the start. They really immersed you in this world from the get go. There was not one time when you weren’t anxiously waiting for the next moment. This movie was perfectly paced as well. Each and every scene belonged and you didn’t want to fall asleep in the least. The filmmakers really did a great job of looking at the forest through the animals eyes. You will find yourself feeling bad for the fact that we are tearing down their home. Each and every conflict was warranted.

I wouldn’t say that it was a particularly deep movie (I mean it is a children’s movie) but it had a few “ah ha” moments. Through the eyes of the animals they see YOUNG Mowgli as the protagonist, but an OLDER Mowgli would be an antagonist to them. The way that his story develops is beautiful. Being told not to be a man but then ultimately realizing that man can save the forest is a great message. Not only from the animal’s prospective, but from a human prospective as well.

The jungle and animals in this movie are so great it will give you chills. There is not one part of you that will feel as though this is CGI. You will think that these are real animals talking to a real boy and it is fascinating. It’s really draw dropping actually. I’m sure it’s even better to see in 3D (which I regret not seeing it in 3D). The amazing thing that you will actually feel is the animal’s hearts. You find yourself trusting those that you feel as though you should trust, and snarling at the ones you don’t. The animals, and the forest it’s all engaging. The world is almost as engaging as avatar was.

The best thing about this movie was the voice acting. They had a star studded cast. From Idris Elba, Lupita N’yongo, Bill Murray, and Christopher Walken, all the way to Scarlett Johanson, Ben Kingsley and others. When you couple the incredible world with the voice acting you will get an A+ product. Each and every actor played there part beautifully and you will know strictly off the tone who you’re supposed to trust and who you’re not supposed to trust.

The one thing in this movie you may or may not enjoy is young Mowgli. Though he’s only a little boy his acting wasn’t all that great, and trust me I know it’s a little harsh to say. Some of his lines felt cheesy and when you expected something huge as far as dialogue it will be a little underwhelming.

Overall you should expect a great movie with great voice acting from A-list actors and another great directorial effort from an A-list director. This movie will keep you completely engrossed and you will do nothing but sit on the edge of your seat waiting for the next scene. It is not an action packed movie but it is a movie with plenty of intrigue and great story.

I’m giving this movie an 8.9/10

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