The MVP Contender That No One Is Talking About!


I’m going to give you three stats for three quarterbacks in the NFL and I want to know the true difference between the three of them.

Quarterback A:

3,912 yard passing, with 31 touchdowns to 6 interceptions. His team is 10-2 with a chance to clinch a first round bye in the playoffs.

Quarterback B:

4,003 yards passing, with 31 touchdowns to 9 interceptions. His team is 11-2 with a chance to clinch a first round bye in the playoffs.

Quarterback C:

2,797 passing yards, with 25 touchdowns to 10 interceptions. Along with 476 yards rushing at 7 touchdowns. His team is 12-0 with a chance to clinch a first round bye in the playoffs.

Quarterback A, and C are in serious contention for the MVP but quarterback B is hardly being talked about. Quarterback B is Carson Palmer. I recognize that Carson has been plagued by injury and his playoff record is not the greatest. But this year is different. He has been healthy all year. He has brought Larry Fitzgerald back from the grave and is putting other receivers in the position to make incredible plays. He’s not afraid to let the ball fly and his downfield percentage has shown. He lets his receivers make huge plays.

His team should be a serious super bowl contender. Carson has been making plays running as well when he has to. He is not known for his running abilities but he is making big plays running and passing.

When it comes to sheer stats and team record I believe that Carson Palmer should be consider in MVP contention as well. His team could be the only ones to knock the panthers off in the NFC. His comeback reminds me of Kurt Warner’s when he led the Cardinals to the super bowl. His team is one of the most complete teams in the NFL and they are poised to make some noise in the playoffs and maybe shock some people.

Carson Palmer’s MVP conversation should be a real one. I’m not saying that he should win it, but I do believe that it shouldn’t be a lock between Cam Newton and Tom Brady. There should be a third name added to that list and Palmer’s name should be right there.

Hopefully the Cardinals will begin to get more recognition. As of right now they are an 11-2 team that is flying under the radar which makes no sense. The cardinals’ name should be flying high but it’s not. Carson Palmer will make a name for himself in the playoffs and then we will realize just how great he’s been.

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