The Patient Shopper Vs. The Last Minute Shopper.


As the holiday season is beginning to hit hard I can’t help but think of all the preparation that we’ve done just to get ready for one moment. Months of thinking, planning, researching, and watching commercials just to have that moment of satisfaction when people open their gifts on Christmas morning. It goes to show me that we are very capable of being patient just for an opportunity. With patience, planning, and hard work you can have a satisfaction like no other.

The opportunity to be happy is within reach if we truly take our time and put together a plan. A person that’s a last minute shopper goes searching for things hoping for an instant reward and they are often left extremely disappointed. When they go into the store and see that the thing they really wanted to buy is gone they get mad at everyone but themselves. But because they need something, they just grab a random item hoping that it will bring the same satisfaction, and it won’t.

The same thing applies to life. When we take our time and make steps towards a better life, it will take longer but the opportunity that we are waiting for will be so fulfilling that we will be very proud of ourselves for the planning and hard work that we put into it. Somedays we won’t actually want to work, and somedays we will just want to sit down and do nothing, but each second that ticks away is time that we will never get back. So if we aren’t using that time to push ourselves than we are wasting our life away. If you’ve worked long and hard than when the moment you’ve been waiting for is in front of you, you will have such a joy pulsing through your veins that you will wonder why it is that people don’t stay committed.

We can’t be last minute shoppers. Last minute shoppers look for instant gratification, they want things to be handed to them simply because they are looking. Last minute shoppers will get mad at someone else rather than look at the true problem, themselves. They will wonder why the world is against them, not realizing that all that has happened to them is because they lacked planning and patience.

We shouldn’t be last minute shoppers in life. If we all got what we wanted right away than we wouldn’t appreciate the moment. We wouldn’t appreciate the grind that it took to actually get there. When we are given everything that we want, when we want it, than that’s saying that hard work and knowledge mean nothing. That’s not how the world works.

So during this holiday season you should sit back and ask yourself if you were a patient shopper, or a last minute shopper. A last minute shopper will be left wondering if they did the right thing, while a patient shopper will know that they did the right thing. As we go into the new year I want everyone to have the mentality that they will be patient and put in the hard work, even when it seems impossible and that there is no light at the end of the tunnel. You have to work like you’ve already got it. Once you’re opportunity presents itself, you will not only know that this is right thing for you, but you will know that you’ve prepared long and that you will impress the right people.

With that being said I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

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