The Popeyes Chicken Emporium


One of my dearest, and greatest best friends just did the best thing ever for me. First let me explain to everyone my love for bojangles and everything about it, it is what makes me who I am. I love the bojangles chicken tenders, their honey mustard (even though they try to charge extra for honey mustard), I love the tea, the bacon egg and cheese biscuits, just everything. So what i’m going to say feels like it’s treachery against all of the south. But My bojangles taste-buds were burned last night because of Popeyes.

I’ve seen the stories about how Popeyes has lines out the door when they first open up, but I just thought that it was just a regular chicken joint. NOPE! It might just be the tastiest, most soul clinching, positive vibing, moist, perfectly seasoned, chicken emporium that I have ever had the honor of tasting. Lets start with the chicken tender, all I will say is DAMN! NEXT!! Lets go to the fries, I have to say, they really impressed this guy over here. But the secret weapon in Popeyes arsenal is that damn biscuit. I bit into that biscuit and I lost words, I know my eyes were about to come out of my head because I was trying to stare through and find what concoction they mixed in with the wheat to pull out such a perfect, and artistic tasting biscuit (Yes, artistic tasting, take it how you want.) ┬áThe butter sat on top and rode into my taste-buds like a person riding a wave at the beach to the shore. I absolutely inhaled that food. AND THEN they had the nerve to give me a drink. Let me tell y’all something, I’ve never had a sprite compliment my food like a cigarette after sex, but yo, if I smoked after sex, I think this is what it would feel like. I just ate and drank ate and drank. The blackened ranch dipping sauce was incredible AND they didn’t charge extra for it, so that was a crazy win win

I always saw the commercials and just said, OK lady, don’t no body want that damn food. Welp! You’ve officially made a fan out of me, I shall be visiting your establishment like everyone else i’m sad to say. I really pride myself on not being like everyone else, but oh well, it is what it is. I’m going to close with this, Popeyes is great lol, Tis’ All, I’m Out.

-Little King

P.S.- Don’t judge me


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