The Power Of Loving Who I Am.


The war for your soul is a constant battle. It’s one that makes us question who we are, and sends us into fits of rage. In most cases you will lose a few of those battles. The important thing to ask yourself is, did I learn from this? Or, what did I learn? A war for your soul is always the devil trying to turn you into something that you’re not.

Accepting everything that has made you who you are is incredible. You begin to see how god brought you out of situations just so that you can relate to others going through the same thing. You were blessed to talk to others with the same level of knowledge as you. Making you overall, a very relatable person. It’s humbled you. You’ve learned humility, and you’ve also learned the lesson of loving who you are, and loving those like you, no matter how much y’all butt heads.

Learning to love yourself means more than just loving the good parts. It means learning to love the fact that you will make mistakes, and that you can own up to them. Loving yourself means that you know you can rise above anything no matter what’s put in your face, whether you fall or not you can get back up. Loving yourself is holding yourself accountable for everything that happens in your life. Most of all, loving yourself means you love each and every person around you, because you know that whether that realize it or not, you are all the same.

Successful people (no matter what you consider success) will always be successful because they’ve made peace with who they are, and they are willing to help others make peace with who they are as well. At the end of the day, once everyone makes peace with themselves. The world will be a better place. Once you’re put in a position to change lives on a grand scale, it is your duty, to make the world a better place.

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