The Side Effects Of Four Loko: What They DON’T Tell You!



Four Loko’s have been haunting our local convenience stores for a very long time. As broke college students, or even broke adults we would have to turn to them to get a cheap alcoholic beverage. Drinking four Loko’s was not always the result of having no money, some of us had to drink them because we legitimately forgot to go to the ABC store, and the convenience store was the only thing that was open. You didn’t want a beer because beer takes too long to get buzzed. Four loko’s would give you energy and get you ready for the night within one can. 

No one would advertise these drinks to you, it was all word of mouth as to how four loko’s came into each of our hearts. That is why each and every one of us ended up with side effects from these drinks that rivaled some of the most tragic events in human history. If we would have gotten the warning that we so deserved, a lot of us would not have touched those drinks. Well…. actually we might have still, that’s how desperate we were, but I would like to think that we wouldn’t have. 

The sad reality is that we probably would still be drinking them because one thing that your friends did not tell you is that you would not remember most of the night anyways. Four loko’s were a great temporary fix, but once we decided that enough was enough, we finally upgraded to grown up night time beverages. This video on the side effects of four loko and what they didn’t tell you should trigger memories for all of us.

They did decide to take four loko’s out of the store in order to keep us safe, but they came roaring right back. Once you get older, you begin to realize that maybe, just maybe, you should not be drinking these things anymore. You probably won’t be waking up the way that you anticipate.

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– Little King.


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