The Techsperts: A Look Into The Fashionable, Unique, and Protective Cuff.





I know in my last blog (check it out if you haven’t already) I wasn’t quite sold on the Microsoft Hololens just yet however, Cuff Jewelry I’m really excited about. Wearable technology is emerging as a Billion-dollar industry leaving smartphones and tablets almost a thing of the past. Who would have thought, right? Lol, the IT Crowd of course.

Thanks to nanotechnology we have the ability to run those high powered devices us millennials like to sport on our wrist but move over smart watches and fit bits! Cuff is wearable jewelry technology pricing from $50 to $150 depending on which design suits your style best.  At this price ANYONE can make a fashion statement in their Cuff Jewelry.  You can even purchase packages for multiple options to ensure that your Cuff technology is always in coordination with your look, whether day or night.

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The CuffLinc is an interchangeable Bluetooth capable component that pops into your necklace, bracelet, or keychain buzzing whenever you receive a notification.  Founded by a woman for women, this line of jewelry and accessories sets its self apart from any other product on the market being more chic than geek but its safety feature is what I really want to highlight.

After you download the Cuff app and register your device, the application syncs with your contacts. You can select who will be able to receive emergency notifications from your CuffLinc and with one press you have alerted your circle with the exact coordination of your location as well has a recording to hear exactly what’s happening on your end. This can be very beneficial to a wide array of ages and would make anyone feel a little bit more comfortable when going on that morning run, or maybe when your child goes on that overnight trip without you, or probably on that walk back to the car after a night out with friends.

I will be the first to admit that having technology at my fingertips can be the right distraction at the wrong time so this is the primary reason I use my cuff. My phone can be tucked away in my bag and I will still know when someone is trying to contact me all while helping me resist the temptation of tampering with my device.  Start-up culture is all about seeing a problem then solving it, creating long terms goals, setting yourself apart from competitors, and most importantly user experience. Keep these things in mind when building your brand and investing in others. This will definitely set you apart from the norm and that’s what the IT Crowd is all about. Take a page out of Cuff’s handbook.

Now don’t worry guys no need to feel left out, Cuff has something for you too and the company is already expanding its brand starting this year with fitness capabilities! Cuff has done a near perfect job in carving out its place in the wearable technology market so much so the consumers and marketers are eating it up (Did I mention you don’t have to worry about battery life). Since Christmas, has sold out of every product on its site- that’s fine, mines was purchased at Target.


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