The Techsperts: Dear HoloLens….


2015 is officially under our belts and 2016 is here! With the New Year comes those “New Year, New Me” post and memes. There is no shortage of new trends and this is no different in the tech world. You don’t have be a conventional “techie” to want to be in the know with the constant evolution of technological innovation anymore. Technology has kicked down our front door, plopped down on our couches, and snatched our attention. Microsoft plans to do that LITERALLY with HoloLens.

Last January Microsoft unveiled its HoloLens demo and got the tech world buzzing. The consumers have been told that they should be expecting a release sometime following the Windows 10 upgrade. Unfortunately, well into Windows 10, there hasn’t been any official word on the expected release date yet, but stay tuned.  Now many people are excited to experience a life with holograms, myself included but I have to say so far I’m pretty skeptical. Nothing of this magnitude has successfully made its way into the hands of the everyday consumer. We can never forget Google Glass. It should be the latest shift in the wearable technology craze but has been sent back to the lab for failing not in WOW-factor but in basic marketability. Without any clearly defined ways that show just why we MUST to invest hundreds probably thousands of dollars into the product, a global launch is sure to fail.

To me it is all about viability and you don’t need an MBA or some grandiose title to know that. We ARE talking about Microsoft here. Now I know what some of my more astute techies are thinking right about now “What about Xbox Kinect or Xbox One?” Kinect was very disappointing to say the least but a lot has changed since 2009. Microsoft did better with Xbox One but still has yet to live up to the hype of their demos.  Quite frankly, the HoloLens seems like just another way for my millennial beau to spend more time with his first love, video games. As for in the work place I see the HoloLens as a fun alternative to sitting at a desk. I’m sure designers and engineers would love to get their hands on this technology but honestly the Microsoft HoloLens applications wouldn’t be any different from their normal operating systems. HoloLens will only project the application through the headset.

I understand that the HoloLens is a work in progress. Hopefully Microsoft takes into consideration all the pros and cons. With that being said Microsoft is currently holding the torch in the virtual reality world and if they get this right it could be legendary! But for the average consumer I wouldn’t hold my breath.

As a reformed tomboy, I know a little something about reinvention, partly why I love IT so much. I traded in my basketball shorts for short skirts long ago but I don’t think Microsoft HoloLens will be able to pull that off with as much style and class as I did but who knows change is inevitable. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


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While in school at Hampton University, Kristin studies Computer Information Systems. Gaining real life tech experience from Google sponsored hack-a-thons, Code Crew events sponsored by the Memphis Grizzlies, as well as internships. A true "tech guru" she prides herself on being unique, and well informed when she engages in technology.


  1. Great article, Kristen. Although, I am beyond “teckie”–learning– I am certain that I will at least know the terminology.

    • Kristin Burnett on

      Thanks for the feedback! I’m trying not to talk over anyone’s head. Next few post will be a little more relatable. Nevertheless, thanks for reading.

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