The Techsperts: E3 Is Here!


I was an avid gamer growing up. E3 was definitely the time of year that I looked forward to learning about the new games that will be released. Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo and other software companies would display some of their best work to get you excited and ready for the new wave of games to hit you the coming holiday season or spring of the following year.

This year, we have a couple of rumors to look forward to. We know that Sony will be releasing a more powerful version of the PS4 for VR. It won’t make an appearance at E3 according to Sony, but it’s confirmed that there is atleast one in the works.

It’s rumored that Microsoft will be releasing a slim or more robust version of the Xbox One. I’m curious of the way of the design and HOPE that they get rid of that huge power brick. PLEASE!!

Then we have Nintendo. I’ve never looked forward to E3 in regards to Nintendo. In all honesty Nintendo hasn’t truly impressed me in several, several years. So I don’t expect much and I don’t expect a new system to revive them. Frankly, they need new management and a new vision. Anyway, this isn’t a rant about Nintendo.

This is intended to be a rant about E3. For the past 5 or 7 years I have seen games at E3 that have for all intensive purposes just been shown to tease and then fall into a video game abyss. The black hole where concept games go. It’s almost like the team didn’t have anything to show, so they pulled some projects to display that they knew would end up ultimately not releasing. Dear E3, participants, please only show us technology and games that are releasing within a 1 year cycle! Drive my enthusiasm and love for something I know I can obtain. Not something that won’t be released, maybe for another 3 years. It’s disappointing. I don’t want to be a kid in a candy shop that can’t buy any candy!


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