The Techsperts: Get Prepared For The Tesla Model 3!


An electric car that can save you money and go from 0-60 in 6 seconds? No not a damn Prius. Though they did have a cool Super Bowl commercial. My friends, we are talking about a Tesla.


With oil and environmental concerns on the rise, we have been challenged with being creative. Tesla has made electric vehicles attractive. Tesla has been known for their high end quality car tailored to those who can afford $80,000+ (base package) cars. Recently announced however, was Tesla s model 3. This vehicle is priced much lower at $35,000. It has a driving range of up to 215 miles on a full charge. You can charge this bad boy in the garage at home, or take it to a Tesla charge station and charge for free! It takes around 45 minutes to get a 100% charge. Let’s list out some other perks of this low priced speedster.


The battery is guaranteed for 8 years, there is less maintenance involved because the engine doesn’t have as many moving parts as your traditional combustible engine, it’ll be cheaper to keep it “fueled”, and has a tax incentive for purchase by the federal government (as any other electric car). The battery is slated to last 8 years and can be replaced for $14,000 (for current Tesla models). In which you will very likely either be trading in the car back to Tesla or selling it by then. However, the reason the Tesla s model 3 is even possible is the fact that technology has allowed for smaller, more cost efficient batteries. So I’m sure the actual replacement fee for a battery will be reduced for the Model 3.


On average, people spend around $1200 a year on gas. You could save almost half of that depending on your electric rates at home and how often you use the free Supercharging stations. Currently the federal government is providing a $7500 tax incentive for anyone purchasing an electric vehicle. I didn’t dive into this portion, however, I’m sure the funds are limited and MAY require an application process. But, who wouldn’t want to take advantage of that? $7500 is worth a headache. All up, Tesla is attempting to appeal to the masses. You can put a refundable deposit of $1000 to reserve your car. They are expecting to release this vehicle in 2017/18. I expect to see several of these bad boys on the road soon. Currently, the nearest competitor at that price point is the Chevy Bolt…. Yeah I’ll take the Tesla. 


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