The Techsperts: Hide! Or You Could Be Up For Ransom!


Cyber Warfare…

You remember the movie Hackers? Yeah me either. I think the movie came out long before I was born. Maybe I should check it out. Either way, cyber threats are more prevalent today than ever before. There are so many different attacks out there! Sometimes you may not even know that some days you have has been compromised until 6 months later and the hacker is long gone!! Sheesh. That’s scary isn’t it?

There is one attack in particular that I want to point out. These baby’s are called ransom attacks. Yes. Ransom. Have you seen the movie Ransom? Starring the ever so “slightly” racist leading actor, Mel Gibson. It’s actually a good movie. Anyway, yes your information/data can be ransomed. For example, you may flip open your laptop one day to a nice little message that basically says “We have all your files and information. To release this back to you we require a $300 processing fee. Call this number to pay”. Now that fee could vary depending on if your Joe Shmoe free porn browsing aficionado or say (insert company name here). Look, this is so bad that for the most part even the FBI suggest paying the ransom. These cyber terrorist basically hack your computer and throw in some wicked code that even they may not be able to break!

There are ways around getting your files ransomed. Like backing up EVERY single file you have on external hard drives or The Cloud. Be careful, there are some ultimate hackers out there that can even fish and search for those backups/duplicates. (Backup the backup??). So what should a fella or gal like you do to prevent this? Hell I don’t know. Stop going to bad sites. Stop clicking on random things. Stop reading emails that even though may seem pertinent are not actually real. AND DO NOT click on hyper links without first hovering over it to see what the actual link really is. Just be careful people. When you browse the web protect yourself! (Hide ya kids, hide ya wives…) 


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A graduate of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte with a bachelor's degree in computer engineering. Quincy now works for one of the most sought after technological companies in the world, Microsoft.

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