The Techsperts: Holo Fun!


The Super Bowl is among us. The mighty Panthers plan to win what we hope to be the most lopsided win in all of Super Bowl history. So, what would it be like to watch the big game with a Microsoft HoloLens? From a pure statistical standpoint the HoloLens would be golden. As your watching Cam Newton bowl over little line backers and dab in the end zone, you wonder, just how big is this guy? Well HoloLens. Show me Cam Newton’s stats. He punches through the wall, dabs, and smiles. You stand up and walk over to him. And note that your 6-1 pales in comparison to his 6-5  and 245 lbs. You see just exactly how big his hands are to allow him to grip the ball and stretch over the goal line while attempting to dive. You see just how far his reach is. A gladiator of gladiators. Then you choose to see the stats of the best line backer in the league, Luke Kuechly. You look down and get an arial view of his career interceptions. Or maybe you decide you want to see his last 3 interceptions and tackles. While you’re watching the game his stats show on the side of the tv. Curious about the stadium, pull it up and spin it around with your hands to check out the gladiators arena. That’s just a few scenarios you could get out of the HoloLens as it pertains to football. If you’re a big fan I’m sure you could have the possibility to dissect plays like the commentators. Better yet, have their dissections displayed virtually. Honestly, the future is here. And it’s quite amazing what people will come up with for you to do with a HoloLens. Let’s look at a scenario I struggle with. Ordering online!!! 35% of the time I order something not realizing how small or big sub item is. Well with HoloLens, I picture myself browsing Amazon, seeing the realtime size, able to turn the object around with my hands, and really just size it up! You’re a doctor and need to map out a tumor you have to remove? HoloLens. I imagine this device bringing things to life. Giving me a visual representation that helps enhance my perception. The possibilities of such a device are endless. I wonder what cool things people will figure out to do with this device. To learn more check out 


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