The Techsperts: OLED TV’s A Window To Tomorrow!

The Consumer Electronics Show is held yearly in Vegas. It’s a sneak peak into the herald of technology. Last year the show had a lot of smart watch antics. Each year of course you get the upgraded usuals. This year a TV caught my eye. The OLED see-through TV. Initially I was nonplussed by the presentation. Then the dust settle just a little. Who in the world would want a see-through tv? How would this be applicable in a home? I guess the geekiest of geeks could look at their Star Wars poster while watching Luke get his hand severed by Darth Vader. Or maybe you’re a couch potato father and have to watch the kid while the games are on???? Then I did some research and I read about this OLED see-through TV. And the major market for such device is a business. You can set up shop and advertise the hell out of something. The features of a gaming console and exclusive games while the system sits behind the tv dust free and shiny. Or commercials and pictures of models wearing jewelry or clothes. Maybe the details scrolling through. The LG OLED will be 40% translucent. I was able to find a 55in version. I’ve also found that there will be potential for larger versions in the future. Advertising aside, would you find use for this tv in your home? Where would you put it? How would you use it? 

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A graduate of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte with a bachelor's degree in computer engineering. Quincy now works for one of the most sought after technological companies in the world, Microsoft.

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