The Techsperts: Self-Driving or Self Driving?


Minority Report, Total Recall, and the Fifth Element. What do all of these movies have in common? A futuristic world where people did not take control of the wheel. They were driven around by robots or auto piloted cars, and It appears that those foreseen futures are coming to life!

We already know several automakers are preparing for this future. There are cars on the market now that park themselves. And we know that Apple is up to something and sure to have competitors on their heel.  So with that being said, let’s take a look at what that future would look like.


For me, I carpool with my wife most mornings. I’m left doing the labor to ensure safe passage and she is taking her sweet time applying make up. This leaves me waking up at least 2 hours early to prepare myself for the day by washing up, cooking breakfast, reading, and shooting off any work related emails that can’t wait. If I had a self driving car, I could technically handle the morning reading and potential emails in the 30 minute auto piloted commute. Oh and if they will have wifi that’s the icing on the cake! Now, that just handles the multitasking millennial in me.


Let’s talk about safety. I’m constantly on the watch for crazy drivers. I am a defensive driver that drives slightly aggressive. But mostly defensive because I know someone is rushing to get to work while drinking coffee and putting on makeup. Every morning there is a wreck. If all cars were automatic, imagine a commute of cars merging without causing traffic or terrible accidents. My goodness. Highway bliss. I personally wouldn’t mind a world of automatic cars. The flip side of that is what happens when they malfunction. What will happen when someone hacks these computerized vehicles and we can’t manually take control? People are already hacking cars that are not automatic. 

Another look into the future is that people may not even purchase cars anymore. There will like be automatic ride sharing vehicles on the market. We will order pickups and the machines will be readily available to take us to our destination. Hopefully Skynet won’t take over, lock us in the cars, and drive all the humans off cliffs…. 


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A graduate of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte with a bachelor's degree in computer engineering. Quincy now works for one of the most sought after technological companies in the world, Microsoft.

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