The Truth About People


So much is in the news about how terrible things are in the world. A piece of me truly believes that people are losing it. But every time I start to get discouraged about the way things are, God shows up and shows you that people are good, we just don’t focus on it.

I was at work, and one of the truck drivers was talking to me. He told me about how his truck broke down the other day and how he had to stop on the side of the road to see what was wrong with it. He said that he didn’t realize how loud the truck was. Suddenly he turned around and saw all these cars stopping and people were getting out and running to a ditch. He said that he looked where they were running and he saw that a car was flipped over on its roof. It was crazy, said he didn’t hear anything because of his truck. He said that so many people were rushing to help get this person out the car.

He didn’t tell me that story to tell me the good inside of people, he really just wanted to tell me how loud his truck is. But once you analyze something like that you just start to reflect on all the times a tragedy happened and how we focus solely on the bad. I understand why, It has been scientifically proven that it takes more energy to focus on the good instead of the bad. One thing is true, there is a lot more good in the world than we give credit for. What happens is that we focus so hard on the bad that we now begin to just accept these tragedies as a way of life instead of tapping into our human instincts and helping.

There is good in people, and I see it way more often than I see the bad. We need to focus on these things, as hard as it is, we need to find the good. And we will help to build this world to be a better place. Right now it’s not the happiest.

Tis’ All, I’m Out

– Little King


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