The Unspoken Rules Of The Basketball Game, Twenty-One!



A game widely accepted amongst basketball aficionado’s as both a recreational game, and a game where one’s skills are put to the test. The rules are simple, there are no teams, and the first person to 21 wins the game. When doing battle on the court there are more intricate rules that take place. Rules that people should know, but they go unspoken.

So I’m here to give you 8 unspoken rules in the game of 21.

1.) Defense is not to be played until someone reaches 15.

2.) Fouls do not count until one person is close to winning.

3.) Free throw rules are not discussed until someone makes 2 free throws in a row.

4.) Rebounds are not to be grabbed until one person is scoring all the points.

5.) When one person is close to winning, all the other guys play defense against said person until the points are once again evenly distributed.

6.) Scoring rules are not to be discussed until someone actually sinks one beyond the arc.

7.) Arguments last indefinitely until someone decides to start playing the game again.

8.) Take back’s are not to be discussed until someone lays a shot back up and scores without taking it back.

When playing the game of 21, if you follow these rules thoroughly you will have a better time playing. So get out there to your local gym or blacktop and go show people I GET BUCKETS!

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