To Lamar Odom, Sorry We Laughed.


You know there are so many opinions going on about this Lamar Odom situation. Was it the Lakers fault? Was it the Kardashian’s? What kind of demons was he dealing with? One thing that we all did (myself included) is sit back and find his pain entertaining. How many of us retweeted and laughed at Lamar Odom’s high adventures. Whether it was rapping, or just whatever random mess the media got a hold of. Though people did find it funny (myself included) we really did ignore the fact that maybe he’s really going through a lot in his life. It didn’t take until he was on his death bed for us to realize that this has not been a laughing matter. Maybe we all should learn something from this situation, we have been programmed to find pain entertaining and maybe we should go back to being humans now that we’ve seen what this type of pain can lead to.

First of all, for us to blame the Kardashian’s is completely unfair. Are they career leeches? Yes. But is this their fault? No. Lamar Odom went through so much as a kid and an adult that this was probably bound to happen. It’s similar to when Dennis Rodman was traded from the Pistons to the Bulls. Dennis lost his mind because the Pistons were really the only family he had and he was ripped away from them. The same thing goes for Lamar with the Lakers. They were probably the family he always wanted and he was taken away from them. After that we saw a downfall like no other.

I agree with one tweet that was put out that said “We all laughed at Lamar when he was posting videos of himself high but now we’re sending out, keep him in your prayers.” We were all just as confused as he was in all honesty. We wanted something to keep us entertained, we wanted to see what the man would do after he got out of the Kardashian clutches. When he didn’t prosper we laughed at his pain. We have a tendency to call someone crazy whenever they don’t act normal without offering to help.

I hope that we learned from this situation. Maybe instead of laughing at someone acting crazy, maybe we can actually learn why they’re acting this way because it may really be a cry for help. I’m glad to hear that he’s getting better day by day. Next time this happens to someone they may not be so lucky. Now we must ask ourselves, will we ignore those who are in pain? Or will we try to help them?

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