Too High To Riot Review: Blending Intellect With Perspective.


With Bas, J.Cole has found the Kanye to his Jay-Z…

The “Night Job” Song from J.Cole’s “Revenge of the Dreamers II” , was my first time hearing Bas and I really liked his verse. I didn’t have any expectations for this 12 song album when I found it on Apple Music, but it really blew me away. It’s an album that grows on you the more you listen to it. I don’t think I fully appreciated it until my second or third listen through. The Sundanese rapper from Paris has a lot to say, and he does it with a versatile rhyme scheme, unique beats that sound like some early Kanye West production, and balancing being introspective while reflective of black culture at the same time.

The album has only four features two from “The Hics”, a unique band that brings very mystic sounding vocals and edgy alternative background sounds. It all fits very well with Bas’ style and his flow changes with the ebs and flows of the songs very well. The whole album has a very cohesive sound and nothing really that you want to skip. You’ll let it play through and be pleasantly surprised that you’ve reached the end. He talks about race, family, relationships, drugs, culture, doubt, belief, and various other topics throughout his musical venture. Just playing it in the background you’ll pick up on something different each listen through.

Cole and Dreamville need to keep Bas on high promotion. His album is not something that mainstream hip-hop fans would notice, but those who stumble upon it won’t regret it. He’ll probably get overshadowed by the heavyweights of hip hop, but his album should be in the early conversation for album of the year. It doesn’t have anything that will light up the charts or that’ll get a ton of radio play. But fans of J. Cole, Kendrick, Nas, Jay-Z should recognize his talent. Those who are looking for a break from trap music, club bangers, and the same old money, cars and clothes…check out Bas’s sophomore album. It’ll deliver your fix and then some.

I’m giving this musical endeavor a noteworthy 9.5/10.

-T.G. Wright-


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