Top 10 Albums Of 2015!


2015 was a great year for music. Thanks to music streaming we are starting to get more surprise albums from our favorite artists. The days of having a popular single, and then putting out an album that can form around that single is over. Now artists focus more on creating a complete album with a message that’s dear to their heart. They’ve taken control back over their craft and no longer have to answer to studio heads who don’t know what they’re doing. Because of this we’ve got some incredible albums over the last year or two. 2015 was no exception. There was so much quality tunes from these artists this year that I have to give you the top 10 albums from this year.




Although drake’s album came as a surprise, you can’t deny that this was one of the best albums of the year.


dr dre

Dr. Dre’s album was a mix of great marketing, hard work, and over 10 years’ worth of anticipation. It was well worth it! And right on the heels of his critically acclaimed biopic on NWA.


album about nothing

Wale has always been an interesting soul. We could tell he had a specific style he wanted to convey but it seemed as though he got caught up trying to make an album with great singles. The album about nothing seemed to be an album that really is the sound that Wale wanted to give us. And he’s better for it.



Lately Ne-yo really has gone the pop route and it has made him lose quite a bit of fans. Nonfiction went back to Ne-yo’s sincere writing skills. Not only did he give us incredible songs, but it was one big story. Kudo’s Ne-yo!


lupe fiasco

Lupe has been an interesting artist. His biggest mistake may have been dropping 2 classic albums with the cool and food and liquor. We all wanted Lupe to stay the same, but honestly he couldn’t. He changed and we saw his change through his albums. He lost some of us. Tetsuo and Youth brought a new introspective Lupe to us.


documentary 2

Honestly, The Game has never really put out a bad album if we’re being honest. But he decided to try to recreate the magic he made on his debut “the documentary.” That’s a very tough task to take on. But The Game has grown up and so has his lyrics. This honestly may be one of The Game’s best albums.


dark sky paradise

We’ve always known Big Sean as a great and witty rapper. One thing that has plagued him like so many artists is trying to put out the perfect single and losing yourself in the process. He tried to make an album full of singles instead of an album with a meaning of who he is. Big Sean went through some hardships over the last few years and he actually had a concentration on this album and it made for his best album to date.


justin bieber purpose

Justin has really gone through a few ups and downs over the years. He was bread to try to become a pop artist, but really he could single very well. So we had to watch Justin grow and it was not pretty. Purpose, Justin’s album, says to everyone “This is who I am and you have to deal with it.” But who he is, is a sensitive and caring soul who’s been through heart break, and he wants to help more than anything else. He’s not the spoiled brat that we thought he was. This album was amazing.

2.) ADELE- 25

adele 25

Adele, tis all. No longer a heart broken girl. She’s had a kid and got married. Now she’s ready to own her mistakes and apologize to the ones that she hurt. She realizes that she made her claim to fame by pain. Now she wants to make it back to your hearts with healing.


kendrick to pimp a butterfly

This album will actually be one of the greatest albums of all time when it’s all said and done. For now it’s definitely the best album of 2015 by far. Kendrick’s emotion, his passion, his dedication, and his goal to want better for the world was shown all through this album. Each and every lyric connected to an emotional side of Kendrick’s story, and we couldn’t help but feel his pain and share his triumph on this album. He also displays his love for music in general. Using live instruments instead of all synthesized beats spoke to our hearts even more and we didn’t even realize it. The album on the first go around didn’t have many people convinced. The reason why was because he put such thought into a deeper meaning on this album. Even the title “To Pimp A Butterfly.” Can be dissected in a plethora of different ways. Although this album is Kendrick’s personal story, the life lessons that he shares with us along the way are something that can speak to us as human beings. The awards that this album is going to receive will be well deserved because Kendrick really did surpass even our most lofty expectations with his album.


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