Top 3 Underrated Teams To Look Watch Out For From The Wildcard.


It’s the 2016 NFL Playoffs and it’s time for us all to get ready for some great football! I know that a lot of us are sad that are teams didn’t make (Not me, GO PATS!) but we should know that there is some great football ahead. There are three teams to look out for this year, and they could make a deep run, and here they are.

3.) Green Bay Packers

green bay packers

The Packers play Washington and they should be able to win that game. One thing that they will do is establish how they’re going to utilize both James Starks and Eddy Lacy. Two different backs with two huge roles and they will shine this post season. The ex-factor for the packers is going to be Randall Cobb, he’s going to have to get hot. James Jones has been holding the receiving core down as great as he can with Jordy Nelson being injured this season, but they need more than him. A lot of the Packers success is going to ride on Randall Cobb, James Starks, and Eddy Lacy.

2.) Seattle Seahawks

seattle seahawks

Once again this team has found its way back into the playoffs, and they are looking scary once more. Russell Wilson has returned to form and he is unstoppable at this point and time. I wouldn’t be surprised if they made their way back into the NFC championship and faced the Carolina Panthers (That’s going to be an incredible game with two incredible quarterbacks). The one thing that’s going to be a key for the Seahawks is getting Marshawn Lynch back to being unstoppable. If they can get him up and rolling again. Expect to see this team make another deep run in the playoffs.

1.) Pittsburgh Steelers


This is the scariest team in the playoffs right now. A lot of people hoped the jets would pull off the win and get into the playoffs because the Steelers may be the most unstoppable team right now. They’re receiving core is almost as fun to watch as “the greatest show on turf” or the “03’ Panthers.” There is literally no one who can stop Antonio Brown, and if you do focus on him than you have to worry about either Heath Miller, Markus Wheaton, Martavis Bryant, or Heyward-Bey’s blazing speed. So because people will be trying to cover these explosive receivers there are three things that the Steelers are going to have to rely on. One of them is going to be Big Ben’s ability to make people miss inside the pocket. People are going to try to blitz him, he has to get away. The second thing is going to be Deangelo Williams. He has to help them keep the run game established and make other teams play honest (Which will kill opponents). The third thing is going to be the Steelers defense. If the defense doesn’t step up and make plays than the Steelers could fall. Especially once they play Denver (I fully expect them to beat the Bengals).

Those are my three teams to watch out for the in playoffs. These teams will be scary, and make for a very fun playoffs this year. I know we’re all ready for playoff Weekend!

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